Our Team


Hannah Bartman

Founder + Creative Director Hannah has a background in industrial design, with previous experience working as both an apparel and accessory designer. While completely miserable within her first week at her first job out of college, Hannah was always sketching and thinking of new ideas to create as an escape. Once coming home from work crying had started to become a frequent pattern, her parents had sat her down and pushed her to pursue her true design passions. About six months later, Hannah had taken on Lilia full time. When she is not working, sketching or trend-hunting, she can probably be found out on a run, blasting Kanye West music through her headphones, or searching for her next marathon. She also loves her Australian Shepherd, Rosie, and cat, Java, and will most likely try to adopt any dog she meets.

Schuyler Staley

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Abdoulie Conteh

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Alexus Serrano

Assistant Marketing CoordinatorMaecenas non leo laoreet, condimentum lorem nec, vulputate massa.